Titanium Anode Plates/sheets Mesh Reserve/stock For Sale

Titanium Anode Plates/sheets Mesh Reserve/stock For Sale

Brand Name : DDTI
Origin : BaoJi China
Certification : ISO9001:2008
Payment Terms : L/C, T/T, Western Union
Material : TC4(GR5)、TA1/GR1、gr2/TA2
shape:a plate, rod, sheet, wire, mesh, tubular, annular, band - like, basket - like shape
Application Fields:swimming pool, wasted water treatment metal electroplating, chlor-alkali and cathodic protection etc.
Product description

Titanium Anodes

MMO titanium electrodes, as our main products, we have developed Ruthenium coating, Iridium coating, Platinum coating and lead oxide anode. As a new kind of environmental product mmo titanium electrodes are widely applied in swimming pool, wasted water treatment metal electroplating, chlor-alkali and cathodic protection etc. we're keeping our pursing to make ourselves the leading provider of key innovative electrochemical technologies combined with energy saving and environmental friendly process.


Ruthenium-iridium coated anode is applied to chior-alkali producing, sodium hypochlorite generating, wastedwater treatment, seawater desalination. etc

Iridium-tantalum coated anode is applied to copper electrowinning, aluminum electrowinning, organic water electrolysis, cathodic protection,etc.

Ruthenium-titanium coated anode is applied to chlorine salt electrolysis fields of caustic soda, potassium hydroxide sodium chlorate. sodium hypochlorite, etc.

Platinum coated anode is applied to electro-deposition and water treatment.

Lead oxide anode is applied to organic electrolytic synthesis and wasted water treatment.

Titanium anodes have the advantages:

(1) Low cell voltage; (2) High current efficiency; (3) Low power consumption; (4) Operation at high current density; (5) High product purity; (6) Durability and electrolytic cell operating time Long; (7) Small maintenance workload, expense paper; (8) Eliminate lead harm and reduce mercury pollution; (9) Constant pole pitch and high purity of electrolytic material.


First of all, our titanium anodes are generally not ready for stock, because there are many industries in which titanium electrodes are used, and the titanium electrodes used in various industries are very different. In addition, the specifications of the equipment used in the same industry are different, and the specific requirements are different. So what kind of specifications customers want, we send drawings, we processed according to the customer's drawings. Because the drawings are relatively intuitive and relatively clear, there are no misunderstandings in specific processing. Therefore, if a customer needs our titanium anode, it is best to provide drawings. Our quotation must also be based on the drawings. Like some of the more troublesome special processing, only through the ability to see clearly.

Baoji Dingding Titanium Products Co., Ltd. Twenty-year-old factory, titanium electrode manufacturing experts, welcome to inquiry export@bjddt.com

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