Titanium Ship Exhaust Valve Pipe/tube Manufacturers

Titanium Ship Exhaust Valve Pipe/tube Manufacturers

Brand Name : DDTI
Origin : BaoJi China
Certification : ISO9001:2008
Payment Terms : L/C, T/T, Western Union
Material : TC4(GR5)、gr2/TA2
Product description



The ship's exhaust system is a piping system for all kinds of ships using fuel equipment to exclude exhaust gas. The system is mainly used for ship main engines, generators, oil-fired boilers, and fire-fighting diesel engines. The system consists of pipes, mufflers, expansion joints, and other components.


 Category editors are classified by pipeline layout:

1. The upper exhaust is the exhaust pipe going up through the exhaust passages on the left and right sides of the nacelle and reaching the uppermost deck of the ship.

2. The exhaust exhaust pipe runs from the equipment to the boat and passes through the steering engine room to the outer plate.

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 Design principle

1. The pipeline installation of the ship's exhaust system should have a certain degree of inclination, which means that the equipment outlet is low and the exhaust pipe terminal is high.

2. Gaskets should use high temperature graphite gaskets or metal wound gaskets.

3.Rock wool and other thermal insulation materials should be used to wrap the pipe after installation.

 Material and Technical indicators


  Material: TA1(Grade 1)、TA2(Grade 2)、TA9(Grade 7)、TA10(Grade 12)、TA18(Grade            9)、TC4(Grade 5)、TC6、TC11、TC18

    Pressure range:20-140MPA


    Our selling point


 1.According to the customer's requirements, drawings can be made to select materials, etc.

 2. After the product is finished, perform various tests such as water pressure test




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