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Application Of Titanium Alloy Materials In Lightweight Ground Weapons And Equipment
May 30, 2018

In the process of combat deployment, all types of ground weapons and equipment need to be transported by trains, ships, automobiles, airplanes and even helicopters. All types of transportation tools have clear restrictions on the volume and weight of ground weapons and equipment, due to the specific strength of titanium alloy materials. The anti-ballistic ability and corrosion resistance are superior to those of rolling homogeneous armor steel. Therefore, the use of titanium alloy materials has great significance for the lightweight of ground weapons and equipment for its transportation and hoisting.


Application of Titanium Alloy in Traction Gun

In order to adapt to the needs of future wars, the development of artillery weapon systems is heading toward the continuous improvement of maneuverability, combat effectiveness, precision strike capability, and self-protection and survivability.

 The heavy use of titanium alloy material is one of the key technologies for the M777 howitzer to achieve structural weight loss. The gun's large bearing, firing plate, cradle, saddle mounting part, squat, wheel hub and other key bearing parts are all made of titanium. Alloy material manufacturing.

Application of Titanium Alloy in Self-propelled Guns,The large-caliber self-propelled artillery uses a lightweight composite pipe that is made of a titanium alloy material, a muzzle brake, and a landing gear. In addition, the U.S. Army used the TC4(GR5)Ti-6Al-4V titanium alloy material to make a howitzer gun base for the Crusades self-propelled artillery project, which weighed 31% less than steel materials.


Application of Titanium Alloy Material in Armored Vehicles


In order to improve the mobility of the vehicle and the armor-resistant capability of the armor, titanium alloy materials are superior to rolling homogeneous armored steels in terms of specific strength, ballistic resistance, and corrosion resistance, and titanium alloys are used in the manufacture of amphibious tank structures. Specifically used in turrets for turrets, cover of biological and chemical weapons countermeasure systems, engine top cover, turret pivot frame, command hatch, gunner main sight cover, thermal imaging monitor cover, etc.


Application of Titanium Alloy in Ammunition


In the development process of a type of artillery shot-end sensitive ammunition in China, the TC18:Ti-5Al-5Mo-5V-1Cr-1Fe high-strength and high-toughness titanium alloy material was used in place of the original D6BA high-strength steel to manufacture the component, which resulted in the original weight of the component. The 0.37kg was reduced to 0.22kg to meet the engineering needs.


Application of Titanium Alloy in Individual Soldier Weapons


China's use of pure titanium TA1/TA2 and Ti-451 titanium alloy material made of flamethrowers, compared to the traditional steel weight 3kg, significantly reducing the carrying load of the soldiers and improve the individual marching maneuverability. The body armor thin armor made of TA7(GR6)Ti-5Al-2.5Sn titanium alloy plate/sheetalso reduced the weight of the steel armor, reduced the soldier's wearing load and improved the agility of the soldiers' operations.

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