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ASTM F136 Gr5 Ti6al4V Eli Titanium Wire
Feb 28, 2017

1. DESCRIPTION of ti6al4v eli titanium wire:


Titanium Wire


Pure Titanium and Alloy Titanium


 1)Gr2 and Gr5 (Popular Grade)



 ASTM B863



Surface Treatment

 Polishing, Pickling

Supply Form

  1)Titanium Straight Wire

  2)Titanium Wire Coiling

  3)Titanium Wire in spool


 1)Plating rack



(1)We are focussed on checks and verifications in all stages that are necessary to produce production with an optimum quality. 

(2)In the following steps, all parts of the production process are looked at to make sure the specifications are will be met.

(3)Determination and the performance of research & Development and all our supporting and administrative activities are within our Quality System.

3. FAQ

Q1. How about your service?
A1. We have professional sales team,we insist Profession,Efficient and Openly Talking to communicate with our customers.Help our customer to solve problem and finish order is the basic of what we should do.Whether or not we cooperated,I think we are making friend with each other.

Q2. What is your Quality Assurance?
A2. Before your order,we will have much questions about your detailed demands on the product.Because it is the basic of producing a qualified product out.Any company won't avoid quality issues,what we will do is not avoiding problem ,but to solve with a positive attitude.

Q3. What is your MOQ?
A3. Usually customers have questions "My order is small,Can you offer?".What we will do is try our best to solve the small order of our customer by anyway.Even finally we really can't solve it,we will try our best to find another company who can do it for our customers.Because we know "The ones who come are guest".

Q4. How is your delivery time?
A4. We know anyone wish to receive the product during the shortest time one he ordered.We understand that.Before ordering,we will confirm the delivery time with our customers and reduce it to the shortest.Then when producing,control it in strict.

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