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Extra Large 3D Printed Titanium Hollow Bicycle Guide Wheel Come Out
Jul 22, 2018

At the North American Handmade Bike Show, the Danish bicycle company CeramicSpeed has introduced a new luxury bicycle part – the extra-large 3D printed titanium hollow guide wheel, which costs $1,700.

Founded 17 years ago by Jacob Csizmadia, CeramicSpeed is both a functional luxury bicycle brand in Denmark and a leading supplier of ceramic bicycle bearings. Shortly after its establishment, the Danish company was known for its unique NASA bearing technology for high-quality professional racing cars, and its expensive products have become the target of racing enthusiasts around the world.


The company's latest luxury 3D printed titanium metal guide wheel has an organic design inspired by the Danish national flower, Margaret Daisy. The most impressive thing is that this guide wheel is printed with 100% 3D titanium. It is 10% lighter than the aluminum alloy guide wheel, but it is twice as durable.

 Designed by CeramicSpeed's in-house R&D team, the design combines a daisy-inspired smooth arch and a hollow, powerful structure inspired by grain stalks, perfectly embodying CeramicSpeed's quality tradition while emphasizing functionality and performance.


This innovative guide wheel system is compatible with all CeramicSpeed OSPW systems and is equipped with a hand-crafted, coated high-end CeramicSpeed bearing to ensure low friction. Used in conjunction with the guide wheel is the company's new UFO racing chain.

  Of course, the guide wheel is not used alone, it is part of CeramicSpeed's hand-crafted, beautifully designed racing bike. The bike has an all-titanium framemade by custom frame manufacturer Mosaic Cycles. The forks, poles, studs and wheels of the bike are made by high-end wheel manufacturer ENVE.


 As the only brand currently selling this size 3D printed guide wheel system, CeramicSpeed is not designed to offer a competitive price. This titanium bike part will be used by professional racers and high-end riders.

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