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High Precision CNC Machining Titanium Products with Good Prices Made in China
Sep 15, 2016

        We offer titanium precision shapes according to customer's drawing. Send us the drawing of the titanium processing pieces, you will get what you need.

Or if you don't need us offer you titanium precision shapes, we can offer you titanium square parts blank. Then drawing is unnecessary, just tell us the thickness, width, length of the titanium square part blank.

Titanium grade we offer:

Commercial pure(CP) titanium grade 1

Commercial pure(CP) titanium grade 2

Commercial pure(CP) titanium grade 3

Commercial pure(CP) titanium grade 4

Titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V grade 5

Titanium alloy Ti-3Al-2.5V grade 9

And other grades in standard

Manufacture standards:

ASTM B265 (titanium and titanium alloy sheet, plate, strip)

ASTM B348 (titanium and titanium alloy bar and billets)

ASTM B381 (titanium and titanium alloy forging)

ASTM F67 ( pure titanum for surgical implant)

ASTM F136 (titanium alloy grade 5 for surgical implant)

AMS 4928 ( titanium alloy grade 5 for aerospace)

Product Description

Our titanium bar include two kinds: pure titanium bar and titanium alloy bar, it’s mainly used in processing titanium screws and mechanical parts/standard parts, medical equipment(body implants), titanium target block and so on.

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