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High Pressure Heat Exchanger Titanium Tube - Tube Sheet Explosive Welding Simulation And Test
Aug 24, 2016

Using explosive welding technology of thin-walled metal tube and the titanium tube plate is welded not only improve production efficiency and reduce processing costs, and improve the life of the heat exchanger and safety, so it has important industrial application value. At the same time, by optimizing and precise control of experimental parameters of charge, it is expected to completed within the factory explosion welding molding workshop, will greatly reduce production costs.


Using explosive welding molding process, with the above comparison expanding technology, it has the following outstanding advantages:

 (1) due to the explosive welding it is a special welding pressure, and therefore can be realized between the weld metal shaped by conventional welding methods can not be achieved and expanding the like zirconium, titanium and steel pipe;  

 (2) due to the explosive welding interface between atoms belonging to solid combination, and therefore welding high strength heat exchanger tube to tube plate, both to ensure the safety of the heat exchanger, which was greatly enhanced heat exchanger life;  

(3) Since the explosive welding can achieve multi-point simultaneous initiation, therefore high productivity can be realized once a heat exchanger tubeand tube plate of all welded.

Titanium tube - tube sheet explosive welding of thin-walled molded relates to multi-point rare elongate tubular member and the tube sheet while forming explosive welding interface and microscopic analysis of the problem.

Titanium tube - tube sheet explosive welding has several key technologies to be resolved:

(1) titanium / steel explosive welding, if the charge parameter control is not good, leaving easily lead to the interface temperature generated at the interface between the metal compound, which will greatly reduce the heat transfer composite pipe. So explosive welding charge process inside the heat exchanger tubes or titanium zirconium tubes is one key to success of explosive welding.

 (2) - In general, the wall thickness of the outer and inner tubes of composite pipe only 1 ~ 2mm. The thin metal composite materials, especially thin pipe explosion welding process easy to crack or break, so the explosive charge detonation velocity and thickness must be precisely controlled.

 (3) seawater resistant high-performance composite tubes not only to save rare materials, but also to achieve efficient heat transfer, and the key is the combination of efficient heat transfer interface composite pipe must be excellent tiny wavy interface and the interface is formed on the tiny wavy charge requires precise parameters and design optimization.

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