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Introduction Of GR5 Titanium Alloy
Jul 09, 2016

Introduction of GR5 titanium alloy

GR5 titanium alloy also called Ti-6Al-4V, this kind of alloy contains 6% Al and 4% V. GR5 has been widely applied in the titanium alloy. Al is an element to improve the stability of α phase, and the element of V is to improve the stability of the β phase. Add aluminum into pure titanium, aluminum have enough solubility in α-Ti. Aluminum are widely distributed in nature, easy making, and cheaper.

Aluminum is much lighter than titanium, titanium after adding aluminum reduced the density, improve the specific strength. More import, while maintaining enough plasticity in the alloy, aluminum strengthening the solid solution effectively. Aluminum can not only strengthening α phase effectively at room temperature and also under high temperature, improve heat strong of titanium alloy performance and its working temperature. GR5 containing 6% aluminium can work for a long time at 400 ℃, and keep high strength. But only containing aluminum titanium aluminum alloy (Ti-4 Al), which produces the brittleness after 550 ℃ heating for a long time. Therefore, add the right amount of β stable element in titanium alloy type stable element X will hinder the formation of brittle, and contains a certain amount of beta phase, improve the thermal properties of the alloy and improve the plastic alloy, but also by heat treatment (such as solid solution plus aging further increases strength).

After GR5 deformation and annealing organization are α+β two phase coexistence. GR5 β phase content is less, about 10%. GR5 alloy by 750 ~ 800 ℃ heat and air cooling after 1-2 h (after recrystallization annealing) combined mechanical performance is good. This alloy is α+β phase such as axle.

GR5 titanium rods are usually been performed solid solution and aging strengthened heat treatment, such as the 913 ~ 940 ℃ heating 1 h, water quenching + 523 ~ 550 ℃ heating 3 ~ 4 h, after air cooling intensity can be increased by 20% ~ 25%, but the plastic are down a bit. However, the current domestic GR5 is mainly used in annealing state, strengthen the application of less heat treatment condition.GR5 high temperature strength due to the addition of aluminum, improve a lot.

GR5 titanium alloy is suitable for manufacturing various jet engine compressor blade, impeller, etc. Petroleum machinery accessories, ultrasonic mould, ultrasonic welding the first class.


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