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Let The World Listen To The Voice Of Shaanxi “Entering BaoTi Group” To Witness The New Development Of “Titanium Valley” In China
Jun 21, 2018

On  June 19th morning, the “Shaanxi Yaoxin Times” piloted by the Communist Party of China Shaanxi Provincial Network Information Office and the China Internet News Center organized the China Silk Road China Channel to “Let the world listen to the sound of Shaanxi” and “Enthusiastic progress. State-owned enterprises took on the theme of the interview group into Baoji Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as Baoji Group), to visit China's "Titanium Valley" innovation and reform of new models and new achievements.


The delegation visited Bao Titanium Group Exhibition Hall, Bao Titanium Industrial Park, and titanium metal hot forging workshop successively. It also discussed the issues of deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises, promoting scientific and technological innovation, building craftsmanship, and strengthening social responsibility. Secretary Wensheng Wang made an exclusive interview. Lei Jierong, general manager of Baoji Group, accompanied the press team to visit and interviewed the press delegation about the development of the company and its core products.


Baosheng Group Chairman and Party Secretary Wang Wensheng accompanied the press delegation to visit Baozi Group Exhibition Hall


Titanium Group Chairman and Party Secretary Wang Wensheng Interviewed by Reporter

Wang Wensheng, chairman and party secretary of Baoji Group, said in an interview with reporters that Baoti Group has not stopped in order to survive the reform and seek development. At present, the 1+N reform model is being promoted to implement flat management and an integrated production, supply and sales operation model, to make fine military products and livelihood products, and to achieve state-owned assets that are stronger, bigger and better, built into a domestic first-class, internationally renowned, and employees have access to A sense of well-being of the world's titanium industry.

It is understood that Baoji Group was founded in 1965. After more than 50 years of development, the group has now become China's largest specialized research and production base for titanium and titanium alloys, with titanium, zirconium, and tantalum. Four major industrial sectors, such as equipment design and manufacturing, and special metals, formed a complete titanium industrial chain from the mining of titanium sponge ore to smelting, processing and deep processing, and equipment manufacturing. It is a leader in the field of titanium processing in China and is used in aviation, aerospace, and oceanography in China. Engineering and other fields have absolute power of voice and dominance.

The development of the Baoji Group has led to the booming of all small and medium-sized titanium companies in Baoji. Our company, Baoji Dingding Titanium Products Co., Ltd. is no exception, has developed rapidly and has become a leader in domestic medical titanium material companies.

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