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Really Titanium Magic - Titanium Alloy Has Been A Miracle In Medicine!
Aug 04, 2018

Titanium is a pro-bio-metal, corrosion-resistant, heavy metal-free, implantable in the human body, and has a wide range of applications in the medical field.

I remember that for 13 years, Xiaozheng’s legs were broken and a few “rivets” were hit on the legs to connect the broken bones. My mother said that I had an anesthetic during the operation. I didn't feel it at the time, but the sound of the "hammer" striking on the bone was in the ear... After the operation was completed, the anesthetic was over, and the pain of the bones came...

But this is not over yet. After almost half a year, when the bones are healed, I have to go to the hospital to remove the "rivets" that "install" the bones in the legs. This means that the meat on the legs must be cut again. And then experience a painful bone. That kind of description seems to have made me feel like I was in the same place...


When the former Chinese gymnast Sang Lan underwent post-injury surgery in the United States, the doctor implanted her injured part into a titanium medical device, which was harmless to the body after implantation and did not need to be taken out to avoid secondary injury. After the operation, Sang Lan expressed very suitable for the implanted titanium products. A patient after a car accident in Shaanxi has also implanted titanium implants such as titanium nails in many parts of the body. It has not been removed for many years and the body has no adverse reactions.


The following is a miracle that titanium alloys have recently created in medicine.

In January of this year, at the Shenzhen University Hospital of Hong Kong, I received a 17-year-old girl from the flower season, Ping Ping (a pseudonym). Her back was bent at 155 degrees like a "hump", and her lower limbs were almost paralyzed and could not walk. After being diagnosed by the hospital, Ping Ping suffered from “neurofibroma scoliosis”. This "neurofibroma scoliosis" is a genetic hereditary disease. To be cured, the fibroids that compress the spine must be removed first, and then the severely curved spine is corrected.

Not long ago, the doctor team of the Shenzhen University Hospital of Hong Kong first removed the fibroids that pressed the spine. Then the professor led the doctor team to carry out the procedure for Ping Ping, and performed osteotomy on her thoracic 8 and thoracic 10 vertebral bodies. The vertebral body is almost completely cut off, and then the titanium alloy nail rod system is used instead of the intercepted vertebral body. At the same time, the doctor team nailed the titanium alloy nail to Pingping's spinal pedicle to correct the remaining twisted vertebral body. On the second day after surgery, Ping Ping's feet can be active. After 1 month of rehabilitation training, Ping Ping has been able to walk slowly with the walker and his back straight.

It can be seen that the role played by titanium alloys in the medical field is extremely important and should not be underestimated. Because titanium is non-toxic, has good compatibility with human body, and is non-corrosive. It has never been known in the orthopedic medical field and has been widely used today. It has been understood, accepted and recognized by the public. Although the process is a bit long, the result is gratifying. In the future, the development of titanium can be described as an unlimited future!

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