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Tantalum Value
Jul 14, 2017

Tantalum is a rare high melting point metal. Melting point 2996 ℃, Tantalum density 16.68g / cm3, lattice type: body cube. Thermal conductivity (25 ℃) 54W / M · K Linear expansion coefficient (0 ~ 100 ℃) 6.5 × 10-6. Tantalum is mainly used for the production of tantalum electrolytic capacitors, Tantalum tantalum alloys such as Ta-2.5W, Ta-10W, Ta-40Nb, etc., than any other material can withstand high temperature and mineral acid corrosion, can be used as aircraft, missiles, rocket resistance Hot high-strength materials and control, adjust the device parts and so on. Tantalum in high temperature vacuum furnace, can be used for supporting accessories, Tantalum thermal shielding, heaters and heat sinks and so on. Tantalum boat can be used for vacuum steam device, Tantalum tantalum and human tissue also has excellent biocompatibility and stability, can not respond to human tissue, can be used as bone plate screws, suture needle and other surgical materials.

Tantalum oxide is the most valuable application of Ta2O5. Ta2O5 is a white powder, odorless and odorless, the specific gravity of 8.71g / cm3, melting point 1870 ℃. Has a clear acid, insoluble in water, do not dissolve in most of the acid and alkali, but in the hot hydrofluoric acid and peroxy acid can be slowly dissolved, and the eutectic, the formation of tantalate. Ta2O5 has α, Tantalum β two variants, the transition temperature of 1320 ℃, Tantalum different variants of the oxide, crystal structure is different, so the lattice constant, density and other properties are significantly different. Tantalum other low-cost oxide, its performance is not stable. Tantalum is the main low-cost oxide TaO2 is a brown powder, insoluble in acid, heated in the air into Ta2O5, Tantalum with conductivity.

Tantalum carbide are mainly Ta2C and TaC two, and Ta2C and α-Ta2C and β-Ta2C two isomers. TaC is dark brown powder, the melting point of 3880 ℃, the boiling point of 5500 ℃, density 14.4g / cm3, with good chemical stability, only soluble in nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid mixed solution. Tantalum carbide in less than 1000 ~ 1100 ℃, in the air is not easy to oxidation. In the role of nitrogen or ammonia, Tantalum easy to generate nitrides.

Tantalum nitride has TaN, Ta2N, Ta3N5 three. TaN is blue with blue powder, melting point 2980 ~ 3090 ℃, density 14.4g / cm3, insoluble in nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid and sulfuric acid, but dissolved in hot alkaline solution and release ammonia or nitrogen. The tantalum nitride generates an oxide when heated in air, releasing nitrogen.

The boron of the tantalum has a boride TaB and a diboride TaB2. TaB density of 14.0g / cm3, specific resistance of 100.0μΩ.cm; TaB2 melting point of 3200 ℃, density 11.7g / cm3, Tantalum specific resistance 86.5μΩ.cm, not by hydrochloric acid and aquatic erosion, but can be hot sulfuric acid and Hydrofluoric acid slowly decomposes.

Lithium tantalate (LiTaO3, referred to as LT) is a typical artificial extraction method of crystal growth, is a three-crystal system, 3m point group, it has a good piezoelectric, ferroelectric, photoelectric, pyroelectric effect, application areas Extensive, involving industrial, Tantalum civil, military and other aspects. Its piezoelectric performance is superior, the temperature drift is small, people use these characteristics, Tantalum the production of a large number of surface acoustic devices, the use of its photoelectric effect, the production of optical modulator, filter; the use of pyroelectric effect, the production of infrared detectors. With the deepening of its research, Tantalum people use it to make the superlattice structure, so that in the field of non-linear applications caused widespread concern, greatly broadening its scope of application.

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