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Titanium And Titanium Alloy Forging
Jul 06, 2016

Titanium and titanium alloy forging

Titanium sponge, after smelting, the ingot casting organization will be thick as-cast structure, this kind of thick cylindrical casting structure mechanics performance is poor, affect the use of titanium alloy, titanium alloy ingot casting and heat treatment after forging deformation, therefore can achieve the ideal organization form, change the microstructure and properties of alloy.



  Forging is one of the metal pressure processing method. Refers to the pressure on the blank, make its produce plastic deformation, change the size, shape and improve organizational performance, for manufacturing machinery parts, artifacts or blank forming method. Titanium and titanium alloy forging products mainly include bar, pie, ring, dysplasia forgings and other finished products and the slab and billet such as extrusion bar.

Forging production superiority lies in: not only can obtain the shape of the metal parts, and can improve the original metal organization, improve the mechanical properties and physical properties of the metal. Generally for the main force of mechanical parts, most of them are made of forging method.



Forging method according to the forging process and forging, forging equipment and forging temperature, etc. Use which kinds of forging method is mainly based on the shape of the forging products, microstructure and mechanical properties of requirements to decide.

   Titanium and titanium alloyforging depending on the used equipment and tools, generally divided into the following categories.

1 free forging (formerly free forging), is put good metal billet heating of free forging equipment between flat anvil or simple tools for forging, its deformation characteristics is in the machine use hammer forging hammer or pressure or the anvil block, the up and down movement of the ingot blank (or blank) in the height (thickness) direction compression, freely on the horizontal elongation (broadening), which conform to the requirements of the shape and size of products. Free forging has simple equipment, low cost and production as well as good flexibility. So is sufficiently, titanium and titanium alloy forging bar, pie and ring etc. One of the basic method.



2 model forging (known as die), is put good metal billet heating within fixed in die forging equipment mould forging, the chamber by mould limit deformation of metal, thereby gaining the chamber and mode shape of forgings. According to the deformation of the hot spots, die forging are divided into open die forging and closed die forging.

3 tire die forging (known as tire die forging) refers to the transition from free forging to the model of the forging deformation method, is to heat the good metal with the free forging forging approach into approximate forgings shape, and then on free forging equipment using fetal die forging. Tire mold is a fixed on free forging equipment, depending on the flat anvil to deliver hammer climbed single-mode chamber mold.


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