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Titanium Raw Materials Of The Production Capacity
Jul 14, 2017

Titanium dioxide production on the demand for titanium raw materials occupy a considerable proportion of 2000 titanium dioxide production consumes 94% of titanium raw materials, Titanium Raw Materials titanium dioxide industry on the development of titanium raw materials industry has a decisive impact. Analysis of titanium dioxide production capacity, production and demand to understand the situation of titanium raw materials is very necessary.

"Titanium" - the most promising Titanium Raw Materials metal in the 21st century, titanium is a refractory metal in the light metal, the density of 4.5 g / cm3, only 57% of iron. The strength of titanium alloy can be comparable with high strength steel, but also has good heat resistance and low temperature performance, some titanium alloy can 450 ℃ ~ 550 ℃ and minus 250 ℃ long-term work. Titanium has a good resistance to salt, Titanium Raw Materials sea water and nitric acid corrosion capacity, Ti-30M alloy is able to withstand high concentrations of hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid corrosion. Titanium alloy of these advantages, so that titanium deserved known as the "space" metal, "Titanium Raw Materials ocean" metal and steel, aluminum after the third metal and so on.

Titanium is widely used as a "space" metal, titanium alloy is used as aircraft, rocket engine materials, structural materials, skin and a variety of pipe joints and so on. Titanium Raw Materials A Boeing 747 aircraft with titanium 42.7 tons, 777 aircraft with titanium 57 tons, Titanium Raw Materials 777ER aircraft with titanium or even up to 68 tons, F-15 fighter with titanium also reached 24.5 tons. While the United States in the 21st century advantage fighter F-22 is a lot of use of titanium to ensure that its performance is excellent.

As a "marine" metal, titanium is currently capable of mass production, the lowest price, almost completely free from seawater erosion of the metal. The former Soviet Union made extensive use of titanium manufacturing nuclear submarine shell, its 3680-tonne Alpha nuclear submarines, each with titanium 560 tons, Titanium Raw Materials typhoon-class missile nuclear submarine titanium with 9,000 tons. These submarines with titanium after a non-magnetic, dive deep (up to 900 meters), fast speed, low noise and less maintenance and other advantages. Titanium is also used extensively for offshore oil extraction pipelines, nuclear power plants and condensers for thermal power plants. Titanium Raw Materials In the 21st century, the emerging marine development industry, titanium will play a major role in the protection.

Titanium in the petrochemical industry in the application, it is a pivotal role. Titanium and titanium alloys are widely used to make acetaldehyde in the production process of heat exchange and reactors, urea production synthesis towers, wet chlorine coolers, chlor-alkali and chlorate electrolysis electrodes, Titanium Raw Materials soda ash production in ammonia cooling towers, nitric acid Production of heat exchangers, Titanium Raw Materials reactors and distillation columns. Titanium and its alloys in these areas of application is irreplaceable.

Titanium and its alloys are increasingly closely related to people's daily lives. For example, sports and leisure equipment, construction timber, medical, food industry, computer, automotive industry, in the daily industrial applications are also expanding.

Compared with steel, copper and aluminum and other materials, Titanium Raw Materials the use of titanium alloy materials, a one-time investment is higher, but steel and other materials can only use a year or half of the place, titanium can be used for more than 20 years. Therefore, the performance ratio of titanium alloy is much higher than that of steel and copper and aluminum. After the calculation of the chemical sector, the use of 1 ton of titanium and titanium alloy material, you can save 100,000 yuan of accumulated equipment investment, Titanium Raw Materials so the expansion of titanium use, not only to meet the needs of national defense industry, promote national economic development, improve the industrial sector The level of science and technology of the huge social benefits, there are significant economic benefits.

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