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Titanium Raw Materials Scientific And Technological Progress
Oct 20, 2017

China's ilmenite rich in resources, has proven reserves of the world's reserves of more than 60%. High titanium slag as a production of rutile titanium dioxide high-grade coatings and nano-coatings, high-voltage electrical components, ceramics, welding electrode coating and metal sponge titanium and other important raw materials industry, Titanium Raw Materials its market prospects are quite broad, and with the economic growth, Titanium Raw Materials industrialization The degree of continuous improvement, along with the accession to the WTO since the scientific and technological progress, market demand is more vigorous, demand by leaps and bounds, the market is getting better and better.

Titanium in the petrochemical industry in the application, Titanium Raw Materials it is a pivotal role. Titanium and titanium alloys are widely used to make acetaldehyde in the production process of heat exchange and reactors, urea production synthesis towers, wet chlorine coolers, chlor-alkali and chlorate electrolysis electrodes, soda ash production in ammonia cooling towers, nitric acid Production of heat exchangers,Titanium Raw Materials reactors and distillation columns. Titanium and its alloys in these areas of application is irreplaceable.

Titanium and its alloys are increasingly closely related to people's daily lives. Such as sports and leisure equipment, construction timber, medical, food industry, computer, Titanium Raw Materials automotive industry, in the daily industrial applications are also expanding.

Compared with steel, copper and aluminum and other materials, the use of titanium alloy materials, a one-time investment is higher, but steel and other materials can only use a year or half of the place, Titanium Raw Materials titanium can be used for more than 20 years. Therefore, the performance ratio of titanium alloy is much higher than that of steel and copper and aluminum. After the chemical sector estimates, each use of 1 ton of titanium and titanium alloy material, you can save 100,000 yuan of accumulated equipment investment, Titanium Raw Materials so the expansion of titanium use, not only to meet the needs of national defense industry, promote national economic development, improve the industrial sector The level of science and technology of the huge social benefits, Titanium Raw Materials there are significant economic benefits.

At present, China's sulfuric acid titanium dioxide production is mainly the use of ilmenite as the production of raw materials, with the country's increasing emphasis on environmental issues, environmental policy enforcement increasingly stringent, and now titanium manufacturers are gradually using acid-soluble titanium slag to produce titanium White, and there is no domestic acid soluble titanium residue supply, Titanium Raw Materials in addition, QIT is gradually turning to the production of UGS slag, which will leave a gap to the lime residue market, which is undoubtedly titanium slag production provides a huge space for development The

Titanium raw material supply growth is almost always from the chlorination of raw materials. In 2005, chlorinated titanium raw materials will be in a relatively surplus state, acid-soluble titanium raw materials exist 100,000 tons of TiO2 gap. Due to the economic and geopolitical risks of the project, Titanium Raw Materials priority should be given to the development of acid soluble titanium raw materials in the short term. In the long term, the development of chlorinated titanium raw materials and titanium enrichment projects, Titanium Raw Materials due to the increasingly rich natural rutile Difficult to obtain and give priority to the production of synthetic rutile high grade ilmenite, so in the long run, the supply of high grade titanium raw materials will mainly come from the increase in titanium slag.

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