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Titanium Raw Materials Significantly Improve
Aug 11, 2017

Since the second half of 1999, the domestic price of titanium dioxide has been gradually higher, Titanium Raw Materials the titanium dioxide industry has presented the situation of production and marketing, Titanium Raw Materials the titanium dioxide factory has actively increased the utilization rate of equipment, increase production, and titanium dioxide prices remain firm. However, since the second half of 2000, imports increased, domestic production increased substantially, Titanium Raw Materials the total supply of the market increased, titanium dioxide market demand growth rate is lower than the supply growth rate, titanium dioxide appeared oversupply situation, the price of titanium dioxide gradually fell back slowly. Titanium Raw Materials In the next few years, China's GDP growth rate will remain at around 7%, coupled with the success of Beijing 2008 Olympic bid, which will greatly stimulate the development of the titanium dioxide industry, titanium dioxide demand will also increase. Experts estimate that Beijing's success in the bid will increase GDP at least 0.7%, while the demand for titanium dioxide is more than 0.7%, with Beijing's bid for the 2008 Olympic Games, Titanium Raw Materials the construction of the Olympic-related building will drive the construction industry continued to rise. Titanium Raw Materials In the next 5-10 years with the relevant coatings industry will usher in a rare development opportunities. At present, China's building paint annual output of more than 1.3 million tons, become the United States, Japan after the world's third largest building paint producer. From China's construction and building materials industry development speed forecast, to 2005 the national construction Paint annual output will reach 1.8 million tons, compared with 1999 1.3 million tons growth 38%, and the largest market of titanium dioxide is the paint market, so titanium dioxide demand growth rate will be higher than GDP growth. The outlook for China's economy to continue its rapid growth is uncertain, Titanium Raw Materials given the slump in the world economy, especially the continued decline in the US economy and the hopelessness of Japan's economic recovery. In addition, after China's entry into WTO, the import rate of titanium dioxide will be lowered further (at present, the import duty rate of titanium dioxide is 14%), and the import and export operation rights change from approval type to registration type, in addition, titanium dioxide does not belong to the quota-restricted commodity, the foreign titanium dioxide manufacturers of the traditional market economic growth slowed,Titanium Raw Materials  prompting them to pay more attention to China's titanium dioxide market than before, these factors will inevitably make imports have a certain extent of improvement; In addition, Titanium Raw Materials the domestic production capacity of titanium dioxide, the increase These factors will make the price of titanium dioxide can only be maintained at a relative reasonable price, Titanium Raw Materials not as soaring as before.

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