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Jul 04, 2017

Titanium Raw Materials China's titanium industry has been showing a large scale, but the concentration is not high, small-scale enterprises, the characteristics of scattered distribution. Titanium Raw Materials At present, China's titanium ore, titanium sponge, titanium processing materials, titanium dioxide and other products are the world's first production, but no one company can be ranked in the world before the major suppliers, manufacturers position. China's titanium production accounts for one-third of global production, Titanium Raw Materials but the largest output of the enterprise, but just over 10,000 tons / year. In contrast to the global market structure, Titanium Raw Materials each country up to 1,2 enterprises, production concentration is extremely high. In the titanium dioxide industry, the world's top five companies total production capacity of more than 70% of the industry, and in the Bai Li Lian and dragon python before the merger, China's top 10 titanium dioxide enterprises total production capacity of China's total capacity of titanium dioxide About half the time.

China's titanium industry has developed enough volume, and if you want to achieve from big to strong change, mergers and acquisitions between industries, Titanium Raw Materials the formation of several large enterprises to control the market situation is one of the necessary conditions. Only the concentration of production capacity increased, Titanium Raw Materials the enterprise's business behavior is relatively standardized, the enterprises will be more energy to improve quality, increase innovation, etc., the industry's overall competitiveness can be improved.

In recent years, China's titanium dioxide and titanium processing of imports of the trend can be seen, China's dependence on foreign high-end products and no significant decline. Although in 2012, imports of both products decreased, but mainly by the year the product price growth too fast, Titanium Raw Materials the downstream enterprises can not afford to cause. When its price stabilized, the domestic demand again rebounded.

In view of China's titanium raw materials supply safety issues, dry Yong mentioned Panzhihua region in 2015 has lost its cost advantage. Panzhihua Titanium and iron ore associated with the iron ore prices in previous years at a high level, Panzhihua Titanium has a significant cost advantage, Titanium Raw Materials companies can rely on iron ore to protect production costs. And the global iron ore prices in 2015 showed a cliff down, Panzhihua area mines have been unable to sell iron ore through the sale of operating costs, the lack of part of the need to rely on titanium ore prices to make up, Titanium Raw Materials which virtually pulled the cost of Panzhihua Titanium. While the impact of foreign low-cost titanium, Panzhihua Titanium has lost the price advantage, the loss of many market share.

When talking about the application of titanium to promote the problem, dry Yong that the current price of titanium has been very low, the previous price problem is no longer hinder the application of titanium to promote the main obstacles. But the current number of domestic titanium products, Titanium Raw Materials many brands do not even have detailed application parameters, Titanium Raw Materials but not through the downstream application of the test. This makes the downstream design institute in the face of titanium with many difficulties, Titanium Raw Materials can not design a safe and reliable specifications.

In fact, before the yacht, marine pipelines and other related engineering designers talk, the other also said that titanium is a good anti-corrosion materials, is suitable for use in marine and marine engineering, but due to lack of relevant standards, designers can not know what Standard, Titanium Raw Materials what kind of titanium material is safe, reliable and economical. Titanium Raw Materials In order to avoid the risk, designers have to second best, the use of the standard system is more perfect composite steel and copper alloy materials.

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