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Titanium Raw Materials Very Necessary
Jun 08, 2017

Titanium Raw Materials The titanium dioxide production has occupied a considerable proportion to the demand of TI raw material, 2000 titanium dioxide production has consumed 94% ti raw material, the titanium dioxide industry has the decisive influence to the titanium raw material industry development. Titanium Raw Materials It is necessary to analyze the production, output and demand of titanium dioxide.

In the first half of 2001, the domestic market sales of titanium dioxide is still increasing, but whether imported products or made, prices are obviously down, of which rutile and anatase products are down 2000 yuan (ton price, the same as) around. At present, both the manufacturer of titanium dioxide and distributors are faced with operating difficulties. China is the world's largest producer of chemical fiber, but the average application of titanium dioxide in the production of chemical fiber is only 0.3% ~ 0.35% (half extinction), Titanium Raw Materials so the market demand is only about 1000 tons per year. At present, China Petrochemical group's main chemical fiber enterprises are all using imported titanium dioxide, and some small fiber plant for the cost or chemical fiber varieties (such as short fiber) factors, part of the use of domestic chemical fiber titanium dioxide, the price is roughly between 20000-22000 yuan. 2000 China's total imports of 146,000 tons of titanium dioxide, and 2001 in the first half of the import of titanium dioxide compared to the same period last year increased by 18%. According to the country's 39 main production enterprises of titanium dioxide statistics, the first half of 2001 titanium dioxide production of 160724 tons. Among them, rutile-type products are 27881 tons,Titanium Raw Materials common anatase titanium products 96994 tons.

The production ratio of titanium dioxide in China is usually 45:55 in the second half. 2001 National production of titanium dioxide as high as 350,000-380,000 tons, and 2000 domestic production of 290,000 tons. If add imports, we can say that China's titanium dioxide industry has entered an unprecedented period of market competition. Every year September-November is the paint and other major users of the production season, the demand for titanium dioxide will rise correspondingly, but due to part of the expansion project or individual new manufacturers in the second half of 2001 production, to a certain extent, further expansion of total production and supply, the 2002 domestic titanium dioxide market will still be reflected in price competition, but the price is not expected to fall sharply, Titanium Raw Materials but the stability of the fall, the end of the current level will fall $number yuan. Because the current consumption of titanium dioxide in China is about 400,000 tons, and the current market supply has reached 44 million tons, so the domestic market pressure is very large, titanium dioxide manufacturers should compete in the domestic market at the same time, efforts to expand overseas markets, but the current overseas market is also relatively low, due to market reasons, the United States has not been closed for its 45000 tons/year in the United States, the sulfuric acid process titanium dioxide, in addition, the world-renowned titanium dioxide company in the first half of 2001 production, Sales and profits have fallen much more than in the same period last year, and there is a lot of pressure on international markets and domestic markets. China's titanium dioxide industry after two of development period. 80 's due to the global number of large factories shut down, at the same time the demand soared, titanium dioxide began to supply demand, the price soared, the world's titanium dioxide industry ushered in the first peak, the domestic also set off Dajian titanium dioxide factory heat, the total size of the factory more than 100, to the end of 89 90 market suddenly fell, some small factories collapse, domestic production of only 63,000 tons. The 93-94-year situation has improved, starting with a rebound of about 120,000 tonnes in 97 and a second peak. 99, several large domestic manufacturers to expand production of about 40,000 tons, into the 2000 market rally, Titanium Raw Materials titanium dioxide began to supply demand, soaring prices. At present, there are 39 pigment grade titanium dioxide plants in China, million tons of factory has 12, the total capacity of about 380,000 tons, according to 90% of the average production rate, the total annual output will reach 340,000 tons, coupled with at least 100,000 tons of imported products each year, domestic supply of titanium dioxide should be in 44 million tons. In addition, there are many manufacturers are actively expanding or new production lines, expand the production of titanium dioxide, which will undoubtedly further improve the total capacity of domestic titanium dioxide. China's GDP growth rate of about 7%, Titanium Raw Materials the consumption of titanium dioxide and GDP is closely proportional to the growth rate, titanium dioxide production rate of about 11%, or even higher.

Sponge Titanium is the second largest consumer of titanium material consumption, but the domestic proportion is not more than 5%. The development speed of sponge titanium industry directly affects the development of titanium raw material industry. It is necessary to analyze the production, production and demand of titanium sponge in China. China's existing two titanium sponge production plants, namely Zunyi Titanium Plant and Fushun titanium plant. Fushun Titanium Factory is China's first production of sponge titanium Enterprises, now annual capacity of 700 tons. Zunyi Titanium Factory is China's main sponge titanium production Enterprises, now annual capacity of 3000 tons. 2001 Zunyi Titanium Factory actual annual production capacity of 2312.74 tons of titanium sponge, Fushun Titanium Factory actually produced 155.06 tons, total 2467.8 tons, the growth of 29.5% than 2000. The chemical quality of sponge titanium is also quite similar to that of the United States and Japan. 2001, Zunyi Titanium Plant "8 tons of furnace reduction-distillation combined with titanium sponge process equipment Development" and "Zunyi Titanium plant Titanium Production System pollution control comprehensive Utilization Project" by the National Economic and Trade Commission respectively as 2001 National key technical innovation projects and renovation projects, "annual output of 5000 tons of sponge titanium modern production technology and equipment industrialization by the Planning Commission as the Western High-tech Industrialization project. By the end of 2003, we will see for the first time that China's sponge titanium enterprises have an annual capacity of 6000 tons, to achieve the basic economic scale

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