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Titanium Raw Materials Very Necessary
Jun 22, 2017

Titanium dioxide production on the demand for titanium raw materials occupy a considerable proportion of 2000 titanium dioxide production consumes 94% of titanium raw materials, Titanium Raw Materials titanium dioxide industry on the development of titanium raw materials industry has a decisive impact. Analysis of titanium dioxide production capacity, production and demand to understand the situation of titanium raw materials is very necessary.

China's titanium dioxide production in the second half of the production ratio is usually 45: 55. 2001, the national production of titanium dioxide up to 35 million -38 million tons, while the domestic production in 2000 was 290,000 tons. If coupled with imports, Titanium Raw Materials it can be said that China's titanium dioxide industry has entered an unprecedented period of market competition. 9 to 11 months each year is the main users of paint production season, the demand for titanium dioxide will rise accordingly, but because some of the expansion projects or individual manufacturers in the second half of 2001 continue to put into operation, Titanium Raw Materials to a certain extent, further expand the total output and The total supply, in 2002 the domestic titanium dioxide market will continue to be reflected in the price competition, but the price is not expected to decline sharply, but steady decline, the end of the year will be down 200 to 500 yuan. Due to the current domestic consumption of titanium dioxide is also about 400,000 tons, while the current market supply has reached 44 ~ ~ 48 million tons, so the domestic market pressure is very large, titanium dioxide manufacturers should compete in the domestic market At the same time, try to expand overseas markets, but the overseas market is also relatively low Mi, due to market reasons, Titanium Raw Materials the United States has been closed for five days in the United States 45,000 tons / year sulfuric acid titanium dioxide plant, in addition, the world famous titanium dioxide The company in the first half of 2001, production, sales and profits fell a lot over the same period last year, the international market and the domestic market as there is a lot of pressure. China's titanium dioxide industry after two development period. 80 years due to the world there are several large factories closed, while demand surge, titanium dioxide began to demand, prices soared, the world's titanium dioxide industry ushered in the first peak, the domestic also set off a large built titanium dioxide plant, when a total size Plant more than 100, to the end of the national production has reached 67,000 tons. 90 years the market suddenly fell, Titanium Raw Materials some small factories have closed down, the total domestic output of only 63,000 tons. 93 - 94 years the situation has improved, 97 years began to rise in total output of about 120,000 tons, usher in the second peak. 99 years, several domestic manufacturers expanded about 40,000 tons, into the 2000 market rose, titanium dioxide began to demand, prices soaring. At present there are a total of 39 pigment-grade titanium dioxide plant, 10,000-ton factory has 12, the total capacity of about 380,000 tons, according to the average yield of 90%, the country's total annual output will reach 340,000 tons, Titanium Raw Materials plus Every year at least 100,000 tons of imported products, the domestic titanium dioxide supply in the annual supply should be 44 to 48 million tons. In addition there are many manufacturers are actively expanding or new production lines to expand the production of titanium dioxide, which will undoubtedly further improve the total capacity of domestic titanium dioxide. China's GDP growth rate of about 7%, titanium dioxide consumption and GDP growth rate is very closely proportional relationship, titanium dioxide production growth rate of about 11% or even higher. Titanium Raw Materials dioxide production capacity will continue to grow as the economy continues to grow, is expected to reach about 500,000 tons in 2005.

Since the second half of 1999, the price of domestic titanium dioxide gradually higher, titanium dioxide industry has shown a situation of production and sales booming, the titanium dioxide plant are actively improve the utilization of equipment, increase production, Titanium Raw Materials while the price of titanium dioxide is still strong. However, since the second half of 2000, imports increased, domestic production increased significantly, the total market supply increased, titanium dioxide market demand growth rate is lower than the supply growth rate, titanium dioxide oversupply situation, the price of titanium dioxide gradually slow down The The next few years, China's GDP annual growth rate will remain at around 7%, combined with Beijing 2008 Olympic bid success, which will greatly stimulate the development of titanium dioxide industry, titanium dioxide demand will increase. According to experts estimate that the Beijing Olympic bid will increase GDP by at least 0.7 percentage points, Titanium Raw Materials while the growth rate of demand for titanium dioxide is more than 0.7 percentage points, and with Beijing's bid to host the 2008 Olympic Games, the Olympic-related construction will drive the construction industry continued Warming up. In the next 5 to 10 years with the relevant coatings industry will usher in a rare opportunity for development. Titanium Raw Materials At present, China's annual output of more than 1.3 million tons of paint, become the United States, Japan, after the world's third largest producer of architectural coatings. From China's construction and building materials industry development speed forecast, by 2005 the annual annual output of architectural coatings will reach 1.8 million tons, 1.3 million tons in 1999 than the growth of 38%, while the largest market for titanium dioxide is the paint market, Titanium Raw Materials so the demand for titanium dioxide growth rate Will be higher than GDP growth. The outlook is unclear as the world economy slumps, especially as the US economy continues to decline, and whether Japan's economy is hopeless. In addition, China's accession to the WTO, the import price of titanium dioxide will be further reduced (the current import price of titanium dioxide 14%), and the right to operate import and export by the approval to change the registration type, Titanium Raw Materials combined with titanium dioxide is not subject to quota restrictions on goods, Foreign titanium dioxide manufacturers to slow down the traditional market economy to promote its more emphasis on China's titanium dioxide market, these factors are bound to make a certain increase in imports; In addition, the domestic titanium dioxide production capacity increased, the output increased, these factors Will make the price of titanium dioxide can only be maintained at a relatively reasonable price, will not soaring as before.

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