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Tungsten Hard
Oct 31, 2017

Tungsten, a metal element. Atomic number 74, atomic weight 183.84. Steel gray or silver white, high hardness, high melting point. The use of tungsten for the manufacture of filament and high-speed cutting alloy steel, super-hard mold, also used for optical instruments, chemical equipment.

Tungsten is a nonferrous metal. Usually people according to the color and nature of metal metal into two categories: ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals. Black metal mainly refers to iron, manganese, Tungsten chromium and its alloys, such as steel, pig iron, ferroalloy, cast iron and so on. Ferrous metals other than metal are called non-ferrous metals. Tungsten belongs to the category of nonferrous metals. The strength and hardness of the colored alloy are generally higher than pure metal, the resistance is larger than that of pure metal, Tungsten the temperature coefficient of resistance is small, and it has good comprehensive mechanical properties. Thus, as a nonferrous metal, tungsten has a very high strength and hardness. Because of this feature, with a high hardness, Tungsten wear resistance of tungsten carbide is a large-scale application in cutting tools, mining tools.

Tungsten is a strategic metal. Is an important part of contemporary high-tech new materials, Tungsten a series of electronic optical materials, special alloys, new functional materials and organometallic compounds are required to use a unique performance of tungsten. Although the amount is not big, but it is essential, lack it can not. And thus widely used in contemporary communications technology, Tungsten electronic computers, aerospace development, medicine and health, photographic materials, optoelectronic materials, energy materials and catalyst materials.

Tungsten and its alloys are widely used in electronics, electric light industry. For the manufacture of a variety of lighting bulbs, Tungsten tube filament is used with anti-sagging properties of doped tungsten wire.

Doped tungsten wire is added rhenium. The thermocouple made of tungsten rhenium alloy wire with low rhenium content and tungsten rhenium alloy wire with high rhenium content has a wide temperature range (0 ~ 2500 ℃), the linear relationship between temperature and thermoelectromotive force is good. Tungsten Temperature reaction speed (3 seconds), the price is relatively cheap, Tungsten is measured in the hydrogen atmosphere of the ideal thermocouple.

Tungsten wire not only triggered a revolution in the lighting industry, but also because of its high melting point, without losing its mechanical integrity under the premise of becoming a kind of electronic thermionic emitters, such as scanning electrons (sub- Mirror and transmission electron (sub-microscopic) mirror of the electron source. Also used as a filament for an X-ray tube. In an X-ray tube, Tungsten the electrons produced by the tungsten wire are accelerated to strike the tungsten and tungsten rhenium alloy anodes and emit X-rays from the anode. Tungsten The energy of the electron beam produced by the tungsten filament is very high for the generation of X-rays, Tungsten so that the spots on the surface of the electron beam collide are very hot, so that the rotary anode is used in most X-ray tubes.

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