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Tungsten Hardness Is High
Sep 30, 2017

The melting point of tungsten is the highest of all metal elements, Tungsten the density (19.3 g / cm³) is very high, close to gold, tungsten hardness is also high, such as tungsten carbide hardness is close to the diamond. In addition, tungsten also has good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, a small coefficient of expansion and other characteristics, which is widely used in alloys, electronics, Tungsten chemical and other fields, of which tungsten carbide is the largest consumer areas of tungsten.

Tungsten hardness is high, tungsten density close to gold, which can improve the strength of steel, hardness and wear resistance, is an important alloying elements, Tungsten is widely used in the production of various steel, the common tungsten-containing steel High-speed steel, tungsten steel and tungsten-cobalt magnets with high magnetization and coercive forces. These steels are mainly used in the manufacture of various tools such as drill bits, milling cutters, drawing dies, female molds and male molds. Tungsten carbide has high abrasion resistance and refractibility, its hardness is close to the diamond, which is often used in some cemented carbide. At present, tungsten carbide based carbide is the largest consumption area of tungsten, this carbide is the tungsten carbide micron powder and metal adhesives (such as cobalt, nickel, molybdenum) in a vacuum furnace or hydrogen reduction furnace sintering Of the powder metallurgy products. Tungsten carbide - titanium carbide - tantalum carbide (niobium) - cobalt and steel bonded carbide and other four categories, the carbonation of tungsten carbide - titanium carbide - titanium carbide - titanium carbide - titanium carbide - titanium carbide - Tungsten based carbide is mainly used in the manufacture of cutting tools, Tungsten mining tools and drawing die.

The melting point of tungsten is the highest among all metals and is also very high in hardness, and is often used to produce heat-resistant and wear-resistant alloys such as tungsten and chromium, cobalt, and carbon alloys commonly used to produce valves such as aircraft engines, turbine impellers, Tungsten etc. High-strength wear-resistant parts, and tungsten and other refractory metals (such as tantalum, niobium, molybdenum, rhenium) alloy often produce such as aviation rocket nozzles, engines and other high-heat strength parts.

W-Ni-Cu, W-Co, W-WC, W-Ni, W-Ni, W-Ni, W-Ni, W-Ni, W-Ni, W-Ni, W-Ni, W-Ni -Cu, W-Ag and other major series, such alloys have a greater than the major, Tungsten high strength, strong ability to absorb radiation, thermal conductivity, thermal expansion coefficient is small, good electrical conductivity, solderability and good processing properties, is widely used In the aerospace, aviation, Tungsten military, oil drilling, electrical instrumentation, medical and other industries, such as manufacturing armor, heat sink, control rudder balance hammer and such as the knife switch, Tungsten circuit breakers, spot welding electrodes and other contact materials.

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