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Tungsten Hold Steady
Jun 08, 2017

Tungsten After the Ching Ming Festival after the price and environmental inspection led to the rise in the production of discontinued, this week a tungsten market held steady operation, reviewing the price of this month, respectively: Ganzhou Tungsten Industry Association April 2017 Tungsten Market price: black Tungsten Concentrate 78,000 yuan/metric ton, the chain last month raised 3,000 yuan/metric tons, Tungsten APT12 million yuan/ton, the chain last month raised 2000 Yuan/ton, the powder 196 yuan/kg, the chain last month raised 4 yuan/kg. Jiangxi Tungsten Industry Group Co., Ltd. GB Grade Black Tungsten concentrate April 2017 price 78,000 yuan/metric ton, the chain last month raised 2000 yuan/metric tons. The long list price of a large tungsten company in Fujian this week is also the subject of major concern recently.

The main reasons for the rise of tungsten concentrates are as follows: first, the guidance of the Guide, although the association and large enterprises have always said that this price is for reference only, but can not deny that the early monthly guidance is indeed the tungsten market has played a large impact, Tungsten the promotion of this month's price is also showing the association and large enterprises for the future of a bullish, the second, large enterprises long single transaction price, because large business turnover has always been relatively large, the monthly purchase quantity is also fixed, So now also become the concern of enterprises and traders, this month, Tungsten Jiangxi a large tungsten enterprises to purchase tungsten concentrate prices climbed to the price level, Tungsten making manufacturers confidence doubled; third, buy up the mentality of not buying a fall, so that now tungsten concentrates began reluctant raw material constraints led to a small increase in prices to 80,000 yuan/ton above the price is normal; its four, the impact of environmental inspection, it is reported that some manufacturers in Hunan and Henan due to environmental inspection reasons and discontinued, resulting in a slightly tight market supply, Other smelters and traders have followed suit. These factors, resulting in a long absence of tungsten concentrates back to the price of 80,000 yuan/ton, Tungsten whether the future can be maintained, or continue to improve, depends on the actual market supply and demand situation, Tungsten economic environment and other factors, suggest that manufacturers still need to be wary of the risk of fluctuations.

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