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Tungsten Use
Jun 22, 2017

Tungsten concentrate market is running temporarily stable, Tungsten stable trade-oriented enterprises, the main producing areas of the procurement business has stopped chasing high, tungsten concentrate back to the rational price. White tungsten wool ore offer 0.96-1 yuan / kg, Tungsten black tungsten wool ore offer 0.98-1.02 yuan / kg. Spot trading market, 55 degrees black tungsten ore transaction price of 7.1 million / ton. APT spot market transactions scarce, active inquiry is also less, the market price is mainly concentrated in the 11.2-11.4 million / ton. Xiamen tungsten industry long unit price of the impact of the market temporarily stable, although lower than the mainstream market prices, but basically to the market's psychological expectations

The current market tungsten goods pricing the most influential factors or supply and demand, but the short term will still be received by the news and trade operations. Tungsten Today, the largest domestic tungsten ore will re-open the offer, the price will also affect the market. Tungsten is expected to stabilize temporarily, the raw material market temporarily no pressure, downstream products have begun to adjust the price, large business support will continue, tungsten prices stable.

A metal element. Atomic number 74, atomic weight 183.84. Steel gray or silver white, high hardness, high melting point, at room temperature from air erosion; the main purpose for the manufacture of filament and high-speed cutting alloy steel, super-hard mold, also used for optical instruments, chemical equipment. China is the world's largest tungsten storage country. The use of tungsten is very extensive, involving mining, metallurgy, machinery, construction, transportation, electronics, chemicals, light industry, textile, Tungsten military, aerospace, science and technology, various industrial fields.

Is a metal element. The chemical element symbol of W is W, the atomic number is 74, the relative atomic mass is 183.85, the atomic radius is 137 dm, the density is 19.35 g / cm3, and belongs to the sixth cycle (second long period) in the periodic table VIB family. Tungsten in the nature of the main hexavalent cation, the ion radius of 0.68 × 10-10m. As the W6 + ion radius is small, the price is high, the polarization ability is strong, easy to form the network anion, so tungsten mainly in the form of anion [WO4] 2-, with the solution of Fe2 +, Mn2 +, Ca2 + and other cations to form wolframite or white Tungsten ore precipitation. Tungsten After smelting tungsten is silver and shiny metal, melting point is very high, hardness is very large, low vapor pressure, evaporation speed is also small, the chemical properties are relatively stable.

Tungsten is a metal, Tungsten the chemical symbol is W, the atomic number is 74, is very hard, gray black to white transition metal. Tungsten containing minerals are black tungsten and scheelite. Tungsten's physical characteristics are very strong, especially the melting point is very high, is the highest of all alloy metal. Pure tungsten is mainly used in electrical and electronic equipment, many of its compounds and alloys also have many other uses (the most common are light bulbs in the tungsten, and superalloys).

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