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What Is The Titanium Market Post Of June
Jun 29, 2018

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Content summary: "China's Ferroalloy Online"6 - 2018 - 29:titanium concentrate: At present, the titanium concentrate market overall price continued well anchored, titanium concentrate inlet port inventory number, the transaction price is still weakening.

 titanium pigment Long python: Baili even raised their prices after the shipment effected, many enterprises successively with rose for transporting goods, from upriver to downriver in the wait - and - see mood is concentrated. 

titanium slag High titanium slag: each plant shall actively processing orders this month, the overall market price temporarily holding operation. titanium tetrachlorideCurrently:

 titanium tetrachloride in the market as a whole offers a steady operation, but the overall market gradually tightening, some manufacturers there is an intention on the part of the price. 

sponge titanium Sponge titanium: enterprise order signing good, now no more inventory, quoted their very strong recent actual orders when the price is quite stiff. 

rutile At present domestic market: rutile overall turnover, and mainly lies in the downstream market to lower rates of capacity utilization and thus lower demand, even if the holding of a trader it ship attitude is positive, but the effect was not as optimistic.

 ferrotitaniumThe present steel mill: low operating rates, ferrotitanium demand declined, and many are transporting goods relative price weakness. 

titanium material: According to the domestic market with the improvement in the titanium material, titanium plate market price upwards, and factory orders in the case of a good case, if the price has been relatively strong.

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