Zirconium Bar

Zirconium Bar

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Place of Origin: Baoji Brand Name: DDT
Certification: ISO9001:2015
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Minimum Order Quantity: 10kg < /br> Packaging Details:plastic bags outside,standard export wooden case as outside
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Zirconium is a rare metal.  has amazing corrosion resistance, extremely high melting point, high hardness and strength. It is widely used in aerospace, military, nuclear reaction, atomic energy and other fields. Its melting point is 1800 degrees, the melting point of titanium. It is around 1600 degrees. The melting point of zirconium dioxide is as high as 2700 degrees or more.

Product Details

 Grade: R04200, R04210, Nb1, Nb-Ti zirconium grade; (ZR60702 ZR60705 UNS standard) (Zr-1 Zr-3 Zr-5 national standard general industry standard)

Zirconium standard; ASTM B550 ASTM B550-07 GB/8769-88

Zirconium rod specifications; Φ5.0-200mm*L5000mm
Zirconium plate specifications; δ0.5-8.0mm*width 100-980mm*length 2000mm
Zirconium tube specifications; Φ5.0-110mm* wall thickness (1.0-4.5mm)*long (2000-6000mm) cold-rolled seamless pipe Φ110 or more*(1.0-8.0mm)*(1000-2000mm) welded pipe
 Zirconium foil/belt; (0.05-0.5mm)*(50-30mm)*L
Zircon wire specification; Φ1.0-6.0mm
Zirconium target block specifications; Φ100*35 Φ100*40 Φ95*40 Φ 95*45 (Customized and bundled services can be processed according to customer requirements. Professional service in the coating industry, sputtering vacuum coating industry.
 Zirconium lanthanum; (serving zirconium bismuth for chemical enterprises, scientific research and teaching experiments in batch processing)
 Zirconium ring, zirconium cake, zirconium products (can be customized according to customer requirements and drawings to ensure quality)

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