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Product technology advantage

Through the special “three pillar three pull” process, to make the products grains more exquisite, metallographic structure grade within A5.

Price advantage

Our factory, from titanium sponge to finished product, no outsourcing link, direct delivery to the customer, no middlemen, give you the best cost performance.

Service advantage

According to the requirements of the customers use, from material selection to—fabrication processing—product design, comprehensive recommend and produce the most suitable titanium products for you.

After-sale advantage

Any quality problems, refund or change for better one, and bear all the economic loss of customers.

Quality advantage

From select 0, 1 grade titanium sponge to processing to finished product, more than 20 process in strict accordance with the export standards production, keep improving.

Terms of payment

A flexible way of payment: L/C,  T/T, Western Union, Ali-credits, Payment after delivery, Payment after successful Trial Use.

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