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    • Black surface Nickel-titanium Memory Alloy Wire manufacturers

      Contact NowBlack surface Nickel-titanium Memory Alloy Wire manufacturers

      Nickel titanium alloy wire

      1. product brief introduction Nickel titanium alloy is a kind of shape memory alloys, shape memory alloy is a special alloy which can automatically make its own plastic deformation restore to the original shape at a certain temperature. Its expansion rate is above 20%,...

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    • Gr1 Titanium Foil

      Contact NowGr1 Titanium Foil

      1. product brief introduction The product is mainly used to make the voice diaphragm and tympan, also can be used in electronic products, medical equipment, etc.

      2. The product specification Thickness: 0.03-0.5MM; subsection Excellent striping technology, can make subsection according to your...

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    • Gr1 Gr5 Titanium alloy Mesh suppliers

      Contact NowGr1 Gr5 Titanium alloy Mesh suppliers

       Titanium mesh

      1. Introduction Titanium mesh is mainly used in acid, alkali environment conditions for screening and filter or for gas separation and liquid filtration, and other medium separation use.

      2. Classification Plain titanium mesh It is the most common method of weaving, the main...

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    • Titanium Ingot

      Contact NowTitanium Ingot

      Titanium ingot

      1. product introduction

      2. Product properties Reference standard of Chemical composition Reference standard of mechanical property

      3. Our advantages a. More 10 years experience, we are the factory. b. Factory direct sales with competitive price. c. Sophisticated technology,...

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    • Titanium alloy sponge

      Contact NowTitanium alloy sponge

       Titanium sponge brief introduction

      Titanium sponge is sponginess metal which produced by thermal reduction process. Purity is commonly 99.1% ~ 99.7%. total impurity elements is 0.3% ~ 0.9%, oxygen impurity elements is 0.06% ~ 0.20%, the hardness (HB) is 100 ~ 157, according to...

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