Nickel-titanium Memory Alloy Glasses Suppliers

Nickel-titanium Memory Alloy Glasses Suppliers

Brand Name : DDTI
Origin : BaoJi China
Certification : ISO9001:2008 ISO13485:2003
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Product description


It refers to a new alloy composed of nickel and titanium in atomic ratio of 1:1, which is 25% lighter than the general alloy and has the same corrosion resistance as titanium, and the elasticity is very good. Memory titanium alloy: characterized by shape memory below 0 °C, high elasticity between 0-40 °C, memory titanium corrosion resistance higher than Monel and high nickel alloy, but better than pure titanium and beta - Titanium is a bit weaker.

Frame parameters

Eyeglasses are a standard product with parameters for the size of the eyeglasses on the temples, bridge of the nose or on the signage. For example: 54 mouth 18-135, indicating that the frame size is 54mm, the nose bridge size is 18mm, and the temple size is 135mm. FPF is the geometric center distance of the frame, and the calculated value is the frame size + nose bridge size.


Frame size: 54mm

Nose size: 18mm

Arm size: 135mm

Frame height: 30mm


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